Carbonated Soft Drink Production

How to reduce your carbonated soft drink cost-per-case without sacrificing the quality or taste profile of your beverage

For over 30 years, InterTech has helped hundreds of plants implement direct-to-fill projects (inline blow molding). We have found that by blow molding your own bottles, you can reduce your CSD cost-per-case by 25%. This typically leads to an average annual savings of nearly $2 million per line.

This ROI is realized when more than 25 components are integrated into a well-designed system. Unfortunately, many bottlers depend on their OEMs to engineer their production lines. That almost always results in higher costs.

By bringing blow molding in-house, bottlers save money on production costs, availability, flexibility, freight and shipping. It also allows you to have much greater control over your supply chain.

Is In-House Blow Molding Right for You?

Our intensive research on the front end determines the feasibility of in-house blow molding for your facility. The Financial Feasibility Analysis we produce provides the detailed data you need to make the best decision. We forecast a long-term operational cost and establish budgets for plants that have not previously been self-manufacturing their bottles.

By the time our analysis is finished, our client knows what the results will be if they move forward. There is no guessing. The expectations are clearly defined.

The average savings we see on most projects generate a payback in less than 2.5 years. There are no surprise costs. Bottlers can get their cost-per-case down and realize a profitable ROI model with volumes as low as 5-7 MM bottles annually.

Ask an engineer

You've got questions, we've got answers. Ask one of our highly skilled and experienced engineers today.


Delivers more combined experience with infrastructure design than any other firm in our industry

Develops and field verifies the most accurate Financial Feasibility Analysis in the industry

Eliminates ambiguity with a clearly defined Scope of Work
Improves in-field 3D documentation with improved accuracy through laser scanning
Utilizes existing assets wherever possible to minimize your investment requirements
Approaches design from a holistic plant perspective versus a single line
Accepts responsibility and accountability for the entire project scope
Delivers the lowest cost operational solutions
Works as your independent, unbiased evaluator with knowledge of all equipment manufacturers
Writes detailed RFQs, for the major pieces of equipment, to ensure you only buy what is needed and not additional unnecessary features

Compares major equipment manufacturers based on the needs of your project and provides a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Equipment

InterTech is committed to your return on investment (not an equipment manufacturer) and will design and install the best possible production line solution for you.

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