Dairy Production

Innovative Technologies Disrupting the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is in a state of transition. We believe the industry as a whole will look completely different in ten years. This trend is most prevalent in larger dairies.

Milk will be packaged differently to extend its shelf life and cheese whey will be converted into a new revenue streams. These shifts are slowly happening now. We at InterTech are happy to be at the center of these changes taking place.

New PET Bottle with a Built-In Handle

The familiar, classic HDPE container with annual sales in the billions, represents another opportunity to save on cost by vertically integrating. Soon though, the traditional packaging will transition into a PET bottle with a built-in handle. Why would you want to make the switch to this container? Because this new bottle opens the door for significant operational savings.

Only Approved Engineering Firm

With our in-depth Financial Feasibility Analysis, we can determine if these bottles make sense for you to self-manufacture, and walk you through the entire process. As the only approved engineering firm to assist with this transition, InterTech can model and define the project down to the last detail. We are excited to be on the cutting edge of this new technology.

Significant Cost

These PET bottles with a built-in handle use a new technology to offer significant savings from many angles:

on the filling side (no more flood filling)

increased margins

better marketability

hermetic seal (reduced oxygen permeability)

Together We Can Improve Your Profitability

We feel strongly that InterTech’s new PET bottle solution will help the dairy industry turn itself around. It’s in desperate need of that right now.

Let us evaluate your situation to see how we can bring value to your production line. We will look at devising a new system that works best for your specific situation, while keeping in place the processes that are working. It’s about more than just getting your price point down. It’s about helping you get the best possible return on your investment.

InterTech is also leading the way with a second innovative technology changing lives in the dairy industry. Dairy farmers are near and dear to our hearts. The number of dairy farms in America has dropped 94% since 1970. Dairies are struggling to make even 2% profit on their milk sales. We have developed a way for dairy farmers to create a new revenue stream with their cheese whey.

Dairy Farmers Can Convert Cheese Whey Into Dollars to Create a Profitable New Revenue Stream

We process low-value cheese whey waste streams to create multiple high-value renewable products, yielding attractive returns for the dairy and investors.

We have developed a way to separate the proteins and the lactose from the cheese whey. The proteins can be used for creating zero sugar diabetic drinks. It tastes like any other milk you’d drink at home. We can also take the sugar string (the lactose) out of the stream and use it to make pharmaceutical grade ethanol.

InterTech’s Role
in the Process

We have developed a proprietary Waste Conversion System. We provide overall program management, engineering, procurement, and installation. We even help with investor due diligence. We also formulate the nutritional drinks that will give our dairy clients a competitive advantage in the “dairy-made-nutritional drinks” niche.

This process creates jobs and supports sustainable economic growth through the construction and operation of our plants. We do this all while being respectful of the environment. We are always thinking about the future. There are a lot of options for dairies. The idea is to eliminate anything going downstream. Almost nothing goes into the waste stream. The dairy should see almost zero discharged from it.

This Process Creates a Tremendous Increase in Profit for Dairies

We are seeing ROI in less than two years, and it could be less depending on how the system is built. Call us, and let us help. We welcome the opportunity to create this additional revenue stream for your dairy.

Ask an engineer

You've got questions, we've got answers. Ask one of our highly skilled and experienced engineers today.


Delivers more combined experience with infrastructure design than any other firm in our industry

Develops and field verifies the most accurate Financial Feasibility Analysis in the industry

Eliminates ambiguity with a clearly defined Scope of Work
Improves in-field 3D documentation with improved accuracy through laser scanning
Utilizes existing assets wherever possible to minimize your investment requirements
Approaches design from a holistic plant perspective versus a single line
Accepts responsibility and accountability for the entire project scope
Delivers the lowest cost operational solutions
Works as your independent, unbiased evaluator with knowledge of all equipment manufacturers
Writes detailed RFQs, for the major pieces of equipment, to ensure you only buy what is needed and not additional unnecessary features

Compares major equipment manufacturers based on the needs of your project and provides a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Equipment

InterTech is committed to your return on investment (not an equipment manufacturer) and will design and install the best possible production line solution for you.

We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can bring maximum value to your company.

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