Food Production

Are you using PET packaging? Are you packaging in Glass? Are you considering moving from glass to PET or vice versa?

You Know What You Want

We aren’t here to convince you which one is better. Regardless of your choice, we are here to help you with our many decades of experience.

Most of our team, including our structural, environmental and civil engineers, have more than 25 years’ of experience in the industry. The depth of our team comes from many different areas. Whether it’s working in business development, engineering design, or project implementation, each of our experts has a vast amount of experience in the field.

Experience Differentiates our Company and Gives us Unique Strengths

Our team members have worked in every aspect of the process, and in all of the different disciplines. We all complement one another, forming a formidable team. Bringing together many different ideas, we provide superior custom solutions for our clients. That’s something you don’t find when you work with a typical equipment supplier.

Glass or Plastic, InterTech is Here to Help

If you are considering moving from glass to plastic, we can give you plenty to think about. Our experts will open your mind to new ways of thinking about your processes.

Glass lines are very different than plastic. There are many challenges with glass. Being familiar with these challenges, we will help you develop the most cost effective and efficient solution possible.

If you want to package food in PET, our decades of experience will impress you. Vertical integration is our specialty, and many companies have chosen to use us based upon our unmatched reputation in the industry. We can handle any aspect of your project.

Let us evaluate your packaging line, processes and infrastructure to optimize its strengths and correct its weaknesses. We provide a unique approach for each client and every line. Our solution will align with your needs, and we will manage your project in a way that brings the most value to you. We’ve engineered over 1,500 installations since 1986.

How to Optimize Your Food Manufacturing Production Line

Ask an engineer

You've got questions, we've got answers. Ask one of our highly skilled and experienced engineers today.


Delivers more combined experience with infrastructure design than any other firm in our industry

Develops and field verifies the most accurate Financial Feasibility Analysis in the industry

Eliminates ambiguity with a clearly defined Scope of Work
Improves in-field 3D documentation with improved accuracy through laser scanning
Utilizes existing assets wherever possible to minimize your investment requirements
Approaches design from a holistic plant perspective versus a single line
Accepts responsibility and accountability for the entire project scope
Delivers the lowest cost operational solutions
Works as your independent, unbiased evaluator with knowledge of all equipment manufacturers
Writes detailed RFQs, for the major pieces of equipment, to ensure you only buy what is needed and not additional unnecessary features

Compares major equipment manufacturers based on the needs of your project and provides a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Equipment

InterTech is committed to your return on investment (not an equipment manufacturer) and will design and install the best possible production line solution for you.

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