Our Exceptional Value

InterTech brings clients value by performing plant engineering services with integrity, skill, and efficiency.

What Does InterTech Do? We Add VALUE.

What does that mean? InterTech’s John Bailey describes it best,

“Let’s take a look at your project. I need to see how I can add value. If I can’t add value, it makes no sense for me to be there. If there’s value to be added – You will see it, you will realize it, and you will appreciate it. That means we did a great job. If we can’t see the value together, why am I taking your money?”

It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s true.

We can bring our extensive knowledge, understanding and experience to your problem and solve it. That’s valuable. Then, you can ask us to do something else, and you worry less. Every time we repeat that, you worry less. We become an extension of your engineering team. We want to become a valuable asset for our clients.

THAT’S what we want to become. That’s our exceptional value.

Another team member describes it this way, when asked: “It sounds like InterTech is centered around saving your clients money. Is that right?”

That’s partly it, but mostly, it’s about bringing value. It comes from so many different areas at InterTech. The depth of our team, many of us have 25 years or more experience in the industry. When you combine this vast amount of individual depth, you can begin to understand the distinctive value we provide collectively. All of the expertise we’ve learned throughout all of our different careers and experiences.

That’s how we are able to add exceptional value to our clients and their projects.

We Have

Our team is diverse, experienced, and includes six engineering disciplines: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process, Environmental and Civil. Many of our engineers have over 25 years’ experience in the industry. All of this diversity and experience goes into your evaluation process. We know the questions to ask, and the relevant factors that need to be considered. This brings unmatched value to you and your project.

We believe innovation, operational excellence, and entrepreneurial thinking are the cornerstones of engineering success. We offer expertise across a broad range of technical platforms. We design, provide and install the infrastructure for companies adapting to the changing direction and needs of the Food and Beverage industry. InterTech has a long history of quality, customer service and attention to detail.

Technical Services
Turnkey Engineering
Project Management

We understand all of the various components – machine strengths and compatibility, across all brands. Rather than trying to sell equipment, we focus on engineering the best solution for our clients. We have been in business over 30 years and have a broad depth of experience on our team. There’s a lot more to a successful project than just making a bottle.

Delivers more combined experience with infrastructure design than any other firm in our industry

Develops and field verifies the most accurate Financial Feasibility Analysis in the industry

Eliminates ambiguity with a clearly defined Scope of Work
Improves in-field 3D documentation with improved accuracy through laser scanning
Utilizes existing assets wherever possible to minimize your investment requirements
Approaches design from a holistic plant perspective versus a single line
Accepts responsibility and accountability for the entire project scope
Delivers the lowest cost operational solutions
Works as your independent, unbiased evaluator with knowledge of all equipment manufacturers
Writes detailed RFQs, for the major pieces of equipment, to ensure you only buy what is needed and not additional unnecessary features

Compares major equipment manufacturers based on the needs of your project and provides a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Equipment

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