Water Production

In the competitive bottled water market, how much money could you save by manufacturing your own bottles?

The bottled water industry has led the way in realizing the cost savings of self-manufacturing bottles. With today’s drive for light weighting PET water bottles, it is often times practical and feasible that bottles be manufactured direct blow-to-fill or with a “combi” configuration.

We are Integration Experts

We’ve installed more than 175 pellet-to-pallet production lines in the past 5 years. Together with Process Systems, we have engineered over 1,500 installations worldwide since 1986.

With our detailed, proprietary Operational and Financial Feasibility Models, we can evaluate whether or not it makes sense for you to begin blowing your own bottles. InterTech has specific expertise in all aspects of utility calculation and performance criterion, working with all major manufacturers globally.

‘In addition to properly sizing and matching each component’s performance for optimum efficiency, InterTech’s team of engineers can supply the full line design, incorporating the latest in operational strategy and minimizing operator’s and consumable movement.

Along with the traditional vertical integration model of blowing direct-to-fill, InterTech has been successful in helping many clients take the next step to full vertical integration with in-house injection molding and complete support systems. These systems are fully integrated into a seamless operation yielding additional cost savings.

InterTech Offers a Thorough Knowledge of Utility Equipment

This includes supply and engineering of: HP Compressors, Water Filtration, LP Compressors, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pump Assemblies, Detailed Piping Design and any additional needs that may be required.

Whether you are just starting out, or whether you have an existing facility that needs to be evaluated, requesting our Financial Feasibility Analysis of your manufacturing process will provide you with the most useful data to help you make better, more informed decisions.

Our Feasibility Models are what sets us apart in the industry. Our in-depth analyses often reveal hidden costs and opportunities for cost savings that were previously overlooked by equipment suppliers. The resulting data allows our clients to pinpoint and properly evaluate what their return of investment will be. In many cases, we’ve helped our clients reduce their costs by 25% or more, which leads to more profitability and an optimized solution for their specific facility.

Involvement is Key

Although we can make an impact anywhere along the process, the best time to request this feasibility analysis is on the front end before you start ordering equipment that might not necessarily be optimized for your particular location. We evaluate your whole, unique project from beginning to end.

We understand machine strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities across all brands. We don’t represent any specific equipment supplier. We focus on engineering the best system and solution for you.

Your best interest is at the forefront of every decision we make. Let us help you become more competitive and profitable.

Ask an engineer

You've got questions, we've got answers. Ask one of our highly skilled and experienced engineers today.


Delivers more combined experience with infrastructure design than any other firm in our industry

Develops and field verifies the most accurate Financial Feasibility Analysis in the industry

Eliminates ambiguity with a clearly defined Scope of Work
Improves in-field 3D documentation with improved accuracy through laser scanning
Utilizes existing assets wherever possible to minimize your investment requirements
Approaches design from a holistic plant perspective versus a single line
Accepts responsibility and accountability for the entire project scope
Delivers the lowest cost operational solutions
Works as your independent, unbiased evaluator with knowledge of all equipment manufacturers
Writes detailed RFQs, for the major pieces of equipment, to ensure you only buy what is needed and not additional unnecessary features

Compares major equipment manufacturers based on the needs of your project and provides a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the Equipment

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