Cargill and InterTech: Production Line Partnership [Case Study]

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Engineering Expertise


Are you wondering what it would be like to work with InterTech?

By now, you know that InterTech brings clients value by providing production solutions and integration expertise. You also know that InterTech’s specialty is working within existing facilities to optimize line design for space and efficiency.

But if you were to engage with InterTech for your next project, what would that actually look like? Would InterTech really be able to improve your operating efficiencies and increase your profitability?

We Invite You to Come Behind-the-Scenes for a Closer Look. Then You Decide.

Download our recent case study about the partnership between InterTech and Cargill, one of the world’s leaders in edible oils.

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In this rare behind-the-scenes look, you will learn the details of three projects, and the challenges that Cargill and InterTech, working together as a team, were able to overcome.

This partnership led to three well-executed, fully automated production lines, installed safely, within budget and on time.

Have a Unique Problem or Opportunity? InterTech Has a Unique Solution.

In this case study, you will also read about what Cargill wanted to accomplish, which was something no one else was doing in the edible oil space in the USA at that time.

InterTech was able to help Cargill achieve that goal. At InterTech, we are your advocate. Our focus is to engineer the best solution for you. Your best interest is at the forefront of all our decisions. We develop a deep understanding of your situation in order to provide the most effective and optimal results.

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Adding a Line to an Existing Facility? InterTech Has You Covered.

One of the projects you will read about in the case study highlights a line that Cargill wanted to add to an existing facility. This always presents unique challenges.

It is in this type of installation that the breadth of InterTech’s expertise truly shines. InterTech will determine the optimal layout for your new line, and help with the selection of the OEM.

Since InterTech is loyal to you, not an OEM, we are able to gather information from multiple OEMs and explain the differences between each quotation. We provide the information you need to make the best business decision resulting in the highest return on your investment. Your success is always our first priority.

But We Don’t Stop There.

We partner with you to work on the details required to get the equipment installed into your facility. This includes equipment foundations, piping, electrical, mechanical and utilities (chilled water, high pressure compressed air, etc.).

We provide a custom, turnkey solution. We also make recommendations for how you can create an even more ideal manufacturing environment.

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From Preform to Pallet

Cargill recognizes the safety concerns for employees who are doing the same tough job, with a repetitive motion, day in and day out. For that reason, they choose to automate whenever and wherever feasible.

In the “From Preform to Pallet” section of the case study, you will learn about Cargill’s complex warehousing system, which improves safety, reduces time and improves accuracy.

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What Does This 18-Page Case Study Include?

  • An Introduction to Cargill and InterTech
  • The Challenge
  • Project Genie (Ohio, USA)
  • Project WALL-E (Mexico)
  • Project Peachtree (Georgia, USA)
  • Cargill’s End-to-End Process: From Preform to Pallet
  • Cargill and InterTech’s Partnership Results

After reading this case study, if you have any additional questions about what it would be like to work with InterTech, please let us know. We’d love the opportunity to take the struggle out of your next project. Let’s do this!


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What would it be like to work with InterTech?

Download this case study about the partnership between Premium Waters, a pioneer in the bottled water industry, and InterTech.

Let us show you how InterTech will improve your operating efficiencies and increase your profitability

InterTech brings clients value by performing plant engineering services with integrity, skill and efficiency. Our specialty is working within existing facilities to optimize line design for space and efficiency.

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